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What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to have the type of entertainment business everyone will seek out for any type of occasion. I want big time movie companies and entertainment venues or even big time singers/rappers to seek me out for anything they need. Live DJ’s, musicians, singers, bands, dancers, fire and light poi dancing, choreography, and producers will always be sought out for a specific project and why not give it to those that demand it? For those that need it? Why not represent others who have the same dreams that I do and want to become somebody on this earth? All professionals from all over the world, we hire those with extraordinary talents and we innovate with anybody, anywhere. My ideas include collaborating with other big time entertainment companies to make up big events. There are plenty of ways to make money out there. I honestly believe you just need the right, honest people to network with. After you build, you collaborate and make your team stronger with experience and training. I want to be so successful I will have the ability to appoint someone just as clever to run sectors of this company so that I can be on a permanent vacation if I wanted. I will be so successful; people with great talents will go out of their way to seek me out for opportunities. I want to find the next big thing.

Where do you see your career five, and ten years after graduation?

In five years after graduating I see my career skyrocketing to success. People all over the west coast will want to work with me. Whether it is media or live entertainment, we will flood the entertainment realm with great talent and personalities. What if my website needed A-team bloggers and writers? I can see my company growing not only with live entertainment but online entertainment as well, creating jobs for everyone in every new section of this growing company.  

Ten years after graduation I want to be in the “big leagues”. I want to have deals with The Studios at Paramount Pictures, famous clubs like Cameo, Mansion, LIV, Amnesia located in Miami and NYC…even record companies that love the artists I represent and to be able to send dancers on tour with various artists. Ten years from now I will love to be a part of some of the events around but would rather have the ability to appoint someone to take care of the business part for me. I will provide something to my family I never came close to having growing up.

What business and entrepreneurial skills are necessary to achieve your goals?

I would like to emphasize on the type of entrepreneur that better fits me in almost every way that’s necessary for me to achieve my goals, The Lifestyle Entrepreneur. As Maxum Entrepreneurship states, “The central characteristic of the lifestyle entrepreneur is the attempt to create profit from personal passion.”  My personal passion ranges from music, live entertainment, dancing and music production/business. I am looking into creating profit from these things that I love to do. I am a natural born innovator when it comes to thinking of new ways to make profit off the things I love to do. I am looking into working with artists of all types to provide “full circle” entertainment for anything.  I work for Heavenly Mountain Resort as their event coordinator for an après ski and ride party on a mountain and I am required to think of new ways to make things different and fun for our guests. I change things up when it comes to dancing and flash mobs and collaborating with our Heavenly Angels. I feel with the experience I gain working for Vail Resorts, it will make me an unstoppable innovator like no one else.

For now I am just a part of Heavenly Mountain Resort, with my degree intact I feel I can really strike a deal around the town and other cities across California. I will have a business plan and the perfect pitch ready when it comes down to it. I will be utilizing everything I gain from this degree program to make sure I impose a professional image to get what I am shooting for. I will be investing a lot of my personal time and money to make sure this works out.

What specific Items will you include in your portfolio to make your personal brand more marketable?

Some specific items I will include in my portfolio to make my personal brand more marketable are to emphasize how different we are from other entertainment companies. I want it to be shown that we have the capability to do it all, and our clients will never be disappointed. My portfolio will include pictures and possibly videos of our talented individuals. There should be no need for auditions when they see my proposal is just what they are looking for. I have also decided not to go with the bland, black and white resume presentation. I will think of a new, creative, eye catching way to present my resume/proposal as I have seen from the examples shown in this class. I will stand out from all others and that alone will show potential clients how different and innovative I am.

Cool Gentlemen

The world is a hard place to live in. Falling in love. Broken hearts. Standing up for what you believe in. Bandwagoners. Some with an entire month dedicated to their birthdays. Haters. Lovers. Tornadoes, earthquakes and economic meltdowns. Religion and politics. One dollar beer pubs and a few fashion statements that should have died years ago returning from the grave. Yet there’s still a couple of genuine cool things gentlemen can still do through these days to keep our “edge”.

 -Call her the next day. The “wait for three days rule” will always be cool to break. If she herself is already expecting that from you… you’d pleasantly catch her off guard and intrigue her evermore, separating yourself from the rest.

-Some rules that are not cool to break: Never date your friends ex, never date your ex’s friend, never date your ex’s roommate. Dating one person from that list will inevitably make you lose some friends for your new date. Don’t be that guy/girl. No cutting in line, no cutting a “line” in the bathroom, its ok to have a napkin on your lap but not your collar and never ok to look through a womans purse or phone.

-A gentleman never publicly worries, complains or comments about money. A gentleman who is cool never hesitates to pick up the tab. At a business lunch, give your credit card to the waiter before you’re seated. This ends the debate when the meal is finished before it even begins. It also makes you the one that’s always on point and aware. Works wonders with potential business partners. Never brag about how much you make or spend. Trust, no one likes that person.

-Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you. “Have a great morning”, might be initiated by you and there starts an endless chain of small good deeds being passed down from one person to the next. A gentleman does things like that out of heart, morals and expecting nothing in return. Bragging about how much blood you donated to save lives, clothes donated to keep people warm or community hours put in with a church is never cool. AT ALL. 

-Displaying your masculinity at the bar or club or Sunday morning church service like a lion stalking a wounded herd of scattered sheep is – in laymans terms- a big no-no. In the circle-of-life of the animal kingdom, this always ends in a bloody massacre. So take note: stay cool , calm and collected.

 -Don’t be afraid to take an initiative and make decisions, even if you’re not the authoritative type. Call the shot. Whether or not your gun is loaded, pull the trigger. Confidence is cool. Especially if no one around you does it, at least you had the guts to.

-Never lose your cool. This is uncool.

-Throwing up is never cool unless you’re with the band. The excuse of “It’s because I drank like 30 shots”, will never work…what were doing drinking that much anyway and what did you expect?

-Facebook is a public place. Stay cool by staying mysterious as you would in the real world. Lose the inside jokes and status updates every twenty minutes. You might need to get a Twitter. No one cares about what youre eating. What did you wait for all your food to come out so you can take that picture? Unless of course you asked for it like that( I used to work in a restaurant) but some do it only depending on where they’re eating. Especially at upscale restaurants. Lame. Stop getting too personal as if its your diary. This one goes for guys and girls. Stop asking Facebook if you should cut your hair, what to wear and if you should get “French tips”. Are you serious? You have no sense of style? You have to resort to asking people that are doing the same for themselves?

-Hang out with people you could learn a thing or two from.

-Always speak with confidence no matter the subject matter.

-Lose the baggy clothes unless you make millions performing rap.

-Popped collars are not cool. This look only works with your winter jacket…also, depending on the jacket. I did this mistake one time in high school. Who could blame me? I was seventeen and my collar had a saying(or design, cant remember) you could only see if popped. Lol.

-Keep dates unique and different. The dinner and a movie thing? Please. I mean doable but mainly if she suggests it. Dinner yes of course you have to eat and enjoy a convo. She has dinner and movie nights with her girlfriends though.

-Always let her win first on a first date…in anything. Bar/Billiards/Arcade/Carnival settings…its all fair game.

-Ask her out. Its that simple. You casually flirt but take it easy. Shes wondering if youd do it anyways. Wonders if you have the guts. Nothings cooler or sexier than a man who has the confidence to do so. But if she says no? Your world didn’t stop and implode. Surprise.

 Be the gentleman everyone likes to be around while being yourself.

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